Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to school for CMS teachers

CMS teachers are back on the job today. They'll be getting their classrooms ready, even as a blur of other getting-ready activities are going on around them. At the district's back-to-school press briefing yesterday, Associate Superintendent Guy Chamberlain said the district still has about 57 mobile classrooms that need to be put in place as CMS scrambles to increase its number of teachers and class space in accordance with late-arriving state and local budget dollars. (Another 80 that weren't previously being used are being put back into commission on the campuses where they were sitting).

When I asked which schools have the greatest need for extra teachers and/or class space, CMS human resources chief Dan Habrat said elementary schools in the central zone (near the uptown area) have the greatest need. Chamberlain this morning e-mailed me the following list, which shows that Mallard Creek Elementary, which officials said was still trying to hire 13 teachers, also needs another six mobiles in place. Sounds like lots of work still to be done on that campus. Here's the list of schools and mobiles needed (they're almost all elementary schools).

Anybody notice any other items/patterns of note?

Barringer 4

Briarwood 2

Cotswold 2

Crown Point 1

Elon Park 1

Hidden Valley 4

Highland Creek 2

Huntingtowne Farms 4

Washam 2

Landsdowne 1

Lebanon Road 3

Mallard Creek 6

Merry Oaks 2

Montclaire 3

Pineville 2

Polo Ridge 2

Reid Park 1

Sharon 3

Sterling 2

Stoney Creek 4

Whitewater Middle 2

Westerly Hills 3

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